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Workplace Discrimination
First impressions about tattoos

Most people who partake in the process of getting tattoos, will at one point be discriminated against. Whether it be within religious communities, or the work force discrimination plays a role in our society.

The increasing prevalence of body modification, such as tattoos, body piercing, and the other more taboo forms have urged companies to look for means of keeping a professional demeanor. Most policies either prohibit, or restrict visible tattoos, or piercings.

Although the standpoint of businesses is to maintain a business-like appearance, employees on the other hand usually find such policies restricting on their personal lives, and an unwarranted dictation of personal style. Some, of which have resulted in employees in filing claims of discrimination of employment.

In most states policies that forbid, or restrict body modification is not construed as discriminatory. Although, like most rules there are exceptions, such as religion or gender.

Although I do not personally agree with the most stringent of body modification rules in workplaces, there is a time and a place where it is nessicary. Would you truly feel as if a business had a professional demeanor (not including tattoo parlors, or piercing shops) if someone bore a lewd tattoo on their forearm. These types of tattoos, though may hold a specific meaning to the person of whom has it adorned on their body, may be misconstrued by the masses.

Employees, and employers alike should be prepared when confronted with the religious beliefs or practices behind tattoos. If you are trying to find wiggle room through your workplace’s rules and regulations please stop to think of whom you may be offending if you do not truly practice said religious beliefs. Employers, on the other hand will need to provide information to your supervisors and managers pertaining to these situations.

Most can take comfort in knowing that tattoos are becoming increasingly more accepted in the states, and throughout the world. It will only be a matter of time before no rules or regulations will need to be placed.

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