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Weight Loss and Weight Gain with Tattoos
Tattoo after losing weight

Many people who bear tattoos also hold the concern of the effects of weight gain, weight loss, and pregnancy on their tattoos. While tattoos can be very forgiving if the gain or loss is a slow process, there is still a slight possibility that the pigment may spread and stretch the tattoo. This risk is increased considerably during pregnancy, as generally the weight gain and stretch marks appear fairly quickly.

While pregnant, your tattoo may not have the ability to adjust well to the quick changes in your body. There is also the risk of a C-section, your tattoo may even be subject to more abuse under the knife. If you are planning a family, it may be wise to keep the stomach, or pelvis tattoos until later.

Another concern for pregnant women are stretch marks, again you need to think about the placement of your tattoos. If you are in a family way, or plan to start one soon I would hold off on any tattoos that may possibly be in the line of fire. It is important to keep in mind, that not all tattoos effected by stretch marks or weight gain and loss, can be fixed. Your artist will need to determine whether or not it is salvageable.

Tattooing over stretch marks will be determined by how deep and the color of the stretch marks. Lighter stretch marks will be easier to cover than a darker red, or purple colored stretch mark. The best thing to do, is to speak with your artist, and allow them to make an educated decision on whether or not you should proceed in the tattooing process. Your artist may suggest a treatment of lotions, and a specific healing time. Much like scars, it will take time for them to heal, and allotting them that time will aid in the time you spend un-tattooed.

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