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Although rarely heard of in the united states, UV tattoos (black light) have become a spotlight in the tattooing community. The UV tattoos are preformed using a special ink of which is normally only visible under a black light. While most ink pigments are completely invisible under normal light, some companies distribute UV ink with faint pigmentation, thus leaving the tattoo dull in normal light, and often times fading to a dingy brown or yellow hue. However, once under black light it becomes a different beast, a vivid and often tantalizing treat to the one who bears it.

A few of the arguments that have been made against the use of UV inks, is that there is only a minuscule number of UV ink manufacturers of whom are approved for use in the United States.
There is a heightened risk for dermatitis, and some may contain carcinogens and allergens. There has not yet been any long term research done to provide consumers with an up-to date long term effect warning.

You may take solace in knowing that over many years, the formula for UV inks has been improved. The common reports state that there is minimal, to no reaction in most clients. This, of course will open the doors to many clients who would otherwise shy away from the thought of getting a tattoo.

While receiving UV ink tattoo, it is important that you visit a skilled artist for the application.
The ink being much thinner, and harder to manage than your every day pigment. As an artist, research is key in the safety and ease of tattooing. While using clear, or white UV ink an artist should always have a black light near by, and a readily available supply of paper towels and green soap to keep the tattooed area clean, and easy to manage.

If you are going to blend UV ink, and normal pigments it is imperative to complete the normal tattooing process first. There should be a minimum healing time of two weeks prior to using the UV ink to highlight the tattoo, as using both together will dull the effect of the UV ink, or render it altogether obsolete.

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