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Under the Influence
Drinking at a tattoo shop

Thinking about getting that permanent marker while sick? Don’t!, your body needs to be up to par before having the ability to heal a tattoo, or piercing properly. When you are sick, your body is already busy healing itself. You have an increased risk of infection, and possible pigment rejection if you choose to do so, causing your tattoo to become spotted, warped, and scarred.

You should take heed in making sure you are well rested prior to a tattoo, and eating a nutritious meal will also help. Doing these things will help elevate the risk of the feeling of faintness, nausea, and dizziness. Do not partake in swimming, or tanning before your tattooing process will eliminate the potential heightened sensitivity, lengthened healing time, higher risk of infection, and the need for touch up after the healing process.

Taking pain killers (aspirin, ibuprofen, or aesthetics) may cause problems during the tattooing process, such as increased bleeding, lengthened healing time, nausea, vomiting, faintness, increase in healing time, heightened risk for infection, and possible censure. This too holds true to anyone who has been drinking, or under the influence of illegal drugs.

It is up to the artist to be vigilant, training your senses to pick up on ques such as being pail, acting nervous, or belligerently drunk may all be signs that you should NOT go forward with the tattooing process. You should politely inform the client that you are un-able to preform the tattoo at that time, as going forward with the tattoo has a potential for backlash later on. Not only can your reputation be marred, but the increase in the need for touch ups will impact the shop’s income. If a client who is on blood thinners insists on getting tattooed, ask for medical documentation provided by the doctor of whom prescribed the drug. This, of course will need to be documented in the contract to help protect yourself as an artist, and the shop’s livelihood.

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