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Tollerance in the Tattoo Community
Social Acceptance of Tattoos

While most of the tattooed community will face discrimination at one point or another, it is vital to our society to become more tolerant. Tattoo discrimination is often thought of at places such as work, and in religious communities. However, we ourselves as the body modification community will judge another’s choice in tattoos.

Stop to think for a moment before judging another person’s tattoo, it much like your own tattoos will more than likely hold a special meaning to the one who bears it. While asking questions is okay, commenting in a derogatory manner makes you no better than the person who last down-graded your own tattoo.

Becoming a tolerant community is an important step in moving forward in our country as well as in a shop environment. Often times it is an artist him/herself who will downplay another piece of work on their clients body. This, of course is not only an insult to the other artist, but the very client you are working on. If you find yourself questioning the talent, or quality of the art offer to help re-vitalize the tattoo, although some clients will still be offended it is a more polite way to ask, and has a much lower chance of bad word-to-mouth.

Making sure your client is comfortable is the goal of most successful tattoo artists, allowing your client to bear their other tattoos with pride is important. Remember, when you got your first tattoo, you were probably leered at, or even asked a hundred questions about it.

On the other hand, if you are asked about your tattoos and possibly offended by some. Remember, your demeanor and how you handle the questions will have an impact on any community. If a religious person asks why you have marred your body, just simply tell them that it has meaning to you. If your response is polite, there is a small chance that they won’t be so hasty to think that all people who participate in body modification aren’t drug addicts, and whores. Because the reality is, sixty percent of our country has at very least one tattoo , and that percentage includes people of religious background, doctors, lawyers, judges, and your every day average joe.

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