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The A-Zís on Getting Pierced

Body modification is the new fad in today’s culture. It has become the newest way for people who show a unique side of themselves through modifying their body parts with various body piercings and other gadgets attached to their bodies. The art of body piercing is becoming widely available, and the people who perform these are a lot more available than ever. Through various wholesale and piercing supply companies, they are able to have their own piercing supplies, and upon the customer’s request, pierce various pieces of body jewelry on various body parts can be attached. This is very popular in today’s culture.

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The basic piercings are done on the ears, as many have done anything from the basic earring to the most extreme sized holes in their earlobes. Customers have widely requested pieces such as the labret, the naval, or tongue piercings. Those locations have been some of the more common requests for body piercings. The labret is commonly seen, due to its lightly studded look, and commonly done above the eyebrow or on the face. Tongue piercings are commonly had, as its clicking noise is done when the person clicks the barbell against their teeth. Plus naval rings are placed on or around the belly button, as it is common amongst females as it stands out when their midriff is shown in public.

These forms have also become part of the piercing fashion, as some individuals have acquired piercings to form a unique look to stand out amongst mainstream society. Some have gone as far as modifying every part of their body to get the most extreme look possible. Once the piercing is done, the aftercare is always stressed. Cleaning the modified area is a must to avoid infections from happening. This is a must until the piercing has completely healed.

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