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The Gift of Tattoos
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Finding the time, and money to get tattoo work done can be daunting to anyone. But this sentiment holds true mostly to parents of small children, and even grown children who have yet to leave the nest. Of course you have to prioritize your life, and getting a tattoo should never take food from someone’s mouth. If a tattoo is important, saving up for it can be rewarding in not only the sense of affording the tattoo but in many lights, can make managing finances easier for those who would otherwise not be able to afford one.

As we all trudge toward the holiday season, remember that there are ways to get that much needed cash for tattoos (even gift certificates). When asked, make sure you know the shop you want the certificate from, most people who aren’t tattooed themselves wouldn’t know the difference between shops, do your homework and research artists in your area.

Often times, I find it difficult to get it through peoples heads when they inquire about gifts for myself. Tattoos, is normally my answer but only one person near and dear has ever complied with my want for new ink.

You will normally find the greatest resistance from your own parents, or in-laws as most are from a generation that doesn’t understand why you would want to mark your own body.
Much like this year, again met with resistance, but now after many years of explaining the importance of tattoos in my life, they are more apt to comply. So, if you, like a lot of people can’t seem to strike the right cord while asking for any form of body modification for a gift, persistence is the key.

Remember, thank the person for giving you the gift that you will have forever. Unlike those shoes, sweaters and video games you got last year, this gift will continue to give until you are no longer here.

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