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Tatao (to tap), or tattoos as we all know them have had a great effect throughout history. The art of tattooing has been practiced by driving ink beneath the skin with sharp tools, is common in almost all cultures throughout the world. The word Tatao is derived from Polynesian language, it describes the technique used in their culture, of which sharp spines are tapped into the flesh, making tribal designs.

The first electric tattoo machine can be traced back to an American, named Samuel O’reilly. He helped to bring forth a new age of popularity in tattooing around the world. Although the mainstream of people had a fascination with tattoos, they were normally preformed by immigrants. Often times you would find people lined up for miles at “freak shows”, to see the spectacle of a man or woman of whom was heavily tattooed. Though they were considered adequate entertainment, most of the mainstream public would never consider getting one. Tattoos were considered lower class, often times being associated with criminals, drunks, and sailors.

Though tattoos have become more socially acceptable, some people still uses tattoos along with other forms of body modification to make the statement of alienation from society. However, others use them in an effort to speak out about their particular subculture. Many of the people who would choose to do this are gays, lesbians, those with particular religious beliefs. Others may choose to use tattoos as a psychological ritual, using the tattoos as a form of closure, or relief on a painful past.

Through the next few articles, you will learn a brief history of several cultures in tattoos. Whether it be the middle-east, or Samoan tattoos, there is always something to learn. Pleasing your client will be less daunting if you take the time to educate yourself in the many sub-cultures of the art of tattooing, you never know what someone will ask for. It is your job to be in the “know”, stock up on books, whether you use them for words or a quick picture reference you will be glad you did.

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