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Along with cover-ups an artist will be asked to preform a restoration or two in his/her career. Although similar to cover-ups, restoration is by far easier. For most cover ups, the existing tattoo will serve as a guide in the tattoo. You will more than likely not need to apply a transfer, unless you are adding to the tattoo as well.

While preforming the restoration, it is important to know about the migration of tattoo inks. Older tattoo inks are known to spread with age in the skin, and as an artist you should be able to predict the travel ratio. Giving a broader outline will aid in keeping the original tattoo vibrant years to come.

The inks used in this age have a tenancy to be more vibrant than those of an older generation remember, you should make it a point to let your client know this. Some die-hard fans of old-school tattooing will opt not to get their tattoo revitalized at the risk of losing the feel. However, most will go along with the restoration.

If the tattoo has spread considerably, it will be important to apply the same cover-up rules. Do not try to cover a dark spreading mass with a light color, as it will make the tattoo look splotchy. This can be minimized with shading, or grey wash.

The revitalization of a tattoo is an important step in taking care of a tattoo, the recommended time length between a new tattoo, and restoration is on average five to six years. However, some may need it before or not at all depending on the care the tattoo receives from its wearer.

As an artist, you should promote a healthy means of tattoo care. It doesn’t stop after the tattoo is completely healed. You should inform your client on how to take steps in keeping the colors fresh. Such as, using sun screen, keeping them covered by clothing, or alternatives to tanning.

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