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Tattoo Artist Questions and Answers Introduction
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Since we have covered the common questions posed by clients, why not answer a few questions that tattoo artists, or inquiring minds have posed? Remember, none of these answers are meant to replace the proper training that an apprenticeship can provide. It is important to familiarize yourself with the tattooing process, and the laws in your state.

The answers to the questions are meant to inform, however are not completely in depth. I will try to cover them in a means that they may be understood by anyone. To read a more in depth version of the answers, please read any previous or future articles located on this site.

1. How do I become a tattoo artist?

Firstly, good question . This is the first step you will need to take in becoming a successful tattoo artist. However, with so much information where to begin. You will need at least an inkling of artistic experience or talent, to hone your skills I would suggest either partaking in a couple classes or to find a mentor before putting together your portfolio. Experience could be anything from high school doodles, to expansive multimedia projects saved on your computer.

I would suggest putting together a professional looking portfolio, which should include several colored, and line work pieces. They should be laid out in a professional, and artistic manner that would best showcase your own personal flair. Remember, this field of work is meant for creative people, and those with artistic talent only. Make sure that the pieces you select are some of your best work. I would also suggest adding in a flash page or two, you may find some reference material on the internet, or at your local tattoo studio. You may also purchase sheets of tattoo flash on this very site. All careers insist upon a small monetary contribution.

Basically, the need of the portfolio is great, this will showcase designs to your potential employers. This will show them that you will be able to handle the basic tattoo requests, that you will see daily at a tattoo shop however in your own style. You may also be asked to do some homework, thus showing your employer what you can do when asked to complete a series of drawings for tattoos.

Remember, select your potential work place properly. Many apprenticeships around the world may end up being a hoax. Some places charge you a surplus of $3000 to gain the position of a glorified janitor. While your signature on the contract promises that you will not tattoo within a 200 mile radius for the next 30 years. Please avoid situations like this, if you have trouble finding a good prospect, become a regular at tattoo conventions, seminars, and watch some artists work. Remember, introduce yourself to as many reputable people as possible.

You may in this situation find someone willing to look at your portfolio, if you do ask for some feedback and express the willingness to relocate (if you can) Remember, practice makes perfect. Even if you don’t get your dream apprenticeship the first couple go around’s you should continue to draw daily. Good luck!

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