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The portfolio is by far one of the best means of advertising your tattoo style. The majority of the time, you will be mid-tattoo while a client walks in. While you, and others are busy the shop manager usually gathers information, and will direct the client to either the flash work, or to the artist’s portfolio. It is important to display your best work, and to have an eye-catching flair to increase the likelihood that they will choose you as their artist.

You should need on average fifteen, to twenty examples of your recent work. You should select those that either showcase the diversity in your art, or a specific style that you are best at (i.e. if you are better at portraits, you should place more of your portrait work and showcase quality, clients are more likely to go to an artist of whom is strong in the particular style they want).

It is important to have a proper home for your work, finding a portfolio that helps to display your creativity will help to catch the eye of clients. It is important that either your real name, or shop name are visible and can be clearly read on the front of the portfolio. This is your first impression, make it a good one.

The pictures should be roughly the same size, to achieve a continuity. If you have picture that you truly like, get a few angles on it this will show the technique you used to allow a flow between the body and the artwork.

While placing the photos in the portfolio, it is important to remember the impression you are going for. Start with your second best, and end with your best as this will be the one that leaves a lasting impression. This, however doesn’t mean that the rest of your portfolio should be thrown together. If there is a poorly done tattoo in your portfolio, your clients are much less likely to choose you for their artist.

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