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Obtaining a tattoo apprenticeship may be a daunting task, however it is necessary to break into the world of tattooing professionally. Most shop owners will frown upon an artist who has not yet received the proper training (completed an apprenticeship).

Finding a free apprenticeship is something that will prove difficult, even to the most savvy of seekers. You may expect to pay anywhere from 2,000 to 10,000 dollars for one to two years of an apprenticeship. If you think you can find a shop to pay you for your learning, it is a highly unlikely expectation.

You may find yourself frustrated, and possibly wondering if you are being blocked from the profession simply that other artists want to keep newcomers from the trade. However, this simply is not true, however not everyone will be given the opportunity to pursue the tattooing career.

While hunting for your apprenticeship, being armed with a hefty portfolio of whimsical and beautiful designs will help. If you choose to bring a portfolio, it would be wise to look into drawing flash designs, I suggest using a high caliber of colored pencils such as Perisma’s.

Do not under any circumstances hold an ego, if you even pretend to know everything about tattoos most shops will turn you away. They do not have the time or want to break any nasty little habits you may have come about while practicing in your kitchen.

Trying to decerne what shops in your area are worth while, will be a good safety net. As, attaching yourself to a sinking ship is NEVER a good thing. Once you have obtained the position, be prepared to work. You will start out as the shop go-getter, however it is important to realize that even the most lowly task is an important one in the shop environment.

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