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find and replace: Lettering in tattoos can often reflect the clients style and add a little flair to a portrait, or other tattoo. It can either come from a pre-drawn flash design or be created by your artist to allow for a unique tattoo.

While selecting the lettering you want to accompany a tattoo, you will want to choose a style that matches the artwork your artist has designed. You may also be able to incorporate some picture elements into the lettering if size allows it.

When selecting a tattoo in a foreign language be careful to research the meanings of the words. If you are fluent in the language you are wanting to portray, it would be a good idea to double check the spelling when your artist places the stencil. If you are also incorporating an image with your foreign language, you may want to consider getting an image that will fit with the language. Such as, if you are getting kanji, sticking with an Asian style tattoo would probably be best.

If you are in need of ideas, your artist will more than likely be able to help you in that area. Whether it be from samples, flash, internet, or their own artistic ability. If nothing seems to jump out at you, it may be best that you wait. Get inspiration from your every day life, find something near and dear to you.

If you are wanting a letter, only tattoo that is fine as well. However, it is important to have the spelling double checked, and the right style of font selected for your tattoo. The first step in making sure you are happy with your tattoo, is finding the right artist. The next, would be to find something that would fit with your needs, an image, or a specific script that pops out at you. Also, it is important to remember, most lettering tattoos will have restrictions depending on the size, and location you want it tattooed.


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