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Tattoo Flash
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Many tattoo shops display tattoo flash, but what is it exactly? Tattoo flash is a rendering of specific tattoo designs which the client may thumb through to choose a tattoo that would fit their needs. Some shops may display their own work, while others may purchase mass-produced tattoo flash.

When drawing tattoo flash, it is imperative that you research your clientele. Whether it be someone getting a tattoo, or drawing it for mass producers. Common items found in tattoo flash are pinup girls, stars, fruit, charicatures, religious symbols such as the virgin Mary, skulls, reapers, and animals. Honing your skill to produce professional flash is an important task for a tattoo artist.

It is vital to use the best products while producing your flash work, as using mediocre supplies may lead to its downfall. I would suggest an arsenal of Perisma colored pencils, although fairly expensive their consistency and ability to be blended easily is a great comparison to the versatility of tattoos. Arming yourself with a sharpee, or another type of pen that will not bleed inside of the paper is also an important task. If you are unsure of the pen, test them on a scrap piece of paper, it should be the same type of paper you intend on working with, as markers and pens may have different reactions on the varying types of paper.

You should consider producing the flash in pairs within a set, one simply line work, and the other colored. This will aid in producing transfers later, as well as provide a quick reference in color, and where the shading should be placed. The sets should contain a minimum of five completed flash designs, all intermingled in one way or another. (IE: if you produce one with pinup girls, it would be wise to stick along those lines or at very least the genre of tattoos).

Providing your shop with custom flash is always a good idea, it guarantees that your shop will have something new, and different. Get creative with the flash process, but keep in mind the limitations of tattoos.

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