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Tattoo Etiquette Things You Should Do
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In this sister article for tattoo etiquette, things not to do you will learn the things that are not only appreciated, but expected in the tattooing business. As a client, there are certain expectations that you should uphold, to create the best possible client-artist relationship you can if you intend to become a regular.

Yes, I know you have just spent a minimum of $60 on your tattoo, and likely hundreds of dollars. However, it should not require much thinking to know that you should tip your artist. Tattoos generally don’t get paid an hourly wage, and only earn a small percentage of the money you pay for your new tattoo. While most people don’t realize it but they are generally responsible for purchasing the materials, such as ink, needles, and tubes which can get rather expensive on a commercial basis. Most artists rely on the tips to make a living, to pay rent, and purchase food for their family’s. Would you consider not tipping a water? That is, unless the service was very poor. Your artist is providing you with something that will last a lifetime with proper care, something that should be considered far more serious than a fancy one time meal. So, again, if your artist does a good job please recognize their hard work by tipping them. As a general rule, remember tipping should be at a minimum of 10% of the cost, 15-20% are the normal tips, anything more would usually be construed as a heavy tip and would be appreciated. If you don’t have the extra money, please as a general rule emplane to your artist, if you can bring them a tip the next time you have some extra cash after bills etc. Generally tipping helps to lay the foundation for the client-artist relationship.

Please pay strict attention to maintain your personal hygiene, and physical decorum. Unfortunately, this is a necessary thing to state, there is nothing more unpleasant than having to tattoo someone who reeks of sweat and other things. You wouldn’t drop by the doctors, or the dentists office without bathing, so please since this is a rather intimate encounter where you and your artist will be close for possible hours, take care to bathe before coming in.

During the tattooing process, tell your artist if you feel odd, or queezy. Don’t wait and try to tough it out, your artist will have the knowledge on how to deal with this hurdle. If you have any concerns about getting tattooed, voice your opinion, with the knowledge base most artists have your artist should have no problem answering any of your questions. Also, lastly but certainly not least if you have any medical issues such as pregnancy, disease, or are on medication let your artist know. You may think it is fine to get tattooed, but there are reasons you may not want to partake in tattooing.

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