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Tattoo Etiquette Things Not To Do
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While most people don’t often put the words tattoo, and etiquette together, there are a few things that you, as a client should keep in mind while you are getting your tattoo, or inquiring about getting one from your local tattoo studio. The below are things that you do NOT want to do while in a tattoo studio.

First and foremost, try to have at least some inkling of what you might want in a tattoo before arriving at the shop. Generally the impulse buy in a tattoo shop isn’t a great idea to find a tattoo that you will enjoy for the rest of your life. Again, as said in previous articles, the internet is a great resource for your new tattoo. If you don’t have access to the internet, try the library, or even just visiting your tattoo shop to thumb through flash and reference books.

Whether you have an appointment or not, do not come in under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol. This not only shows disrespect to your artist, but can put yourself and anyone around you at risk during this long process.

One of the things you commonly see as an artist, is someone who tries to bargain, or haggle the price of a tattoo. Remember, your artist isn’t a vendor at a flea market he/she is preforming a service for you. Would you try to haggle the price at your favorite store in the mall, or restaurant? Please, respect your artist, the prices are generally set in $60 increments per hour, with a minimum of $60 per tattoo to offset costs. In this same note, don’t comment on how cheap your other tattoos were, generally they are going to be of poor quality, and cause your artist to question your motives.

Please don’t waist your artists time, in asking him/her to draw something up just to see what it would look like. So often it occurs, when someone wanders in to get a piece of art drawn up only to not get a tattoo done at all. This is a waist of time, and valuable material for the artist, and generally they will not be inclined to work on you in the future.

During the process of getting a tattoo, if your artist doesn’t seem comfortable with holding a social, or personal conversation please don’t force them to do so. Generally artists like to talk, however some may not, allow them to work in the means that is most comfortable to them.

Don’t feel inclined to bring a truckload of your friends, this not only is prohibited in most states, but can cause disruption to the artist and the other clients.

Last but not least, leave your children at HOME! The tattoo shop is no place for a child.

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