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Extreme body modifications are practiced by few in our community, however some become intrigued by it. Many examples of extreme body modification are scarrification, branding, implants, and splitting tongues.

Scarrification is preformed by pealing away layers of the skin, and allowing it to heal into the specific design. Some scarrifications can be almost as intricate as a tattoo. Although most people who choose to get scarrification done, do not get tattooed in the process. However, ink can be applied before the healing process begins allowing it to heal over. This does not usually become as vibrant as the tattoos you often see. There are also the options of waiting until the scar flattens, which can often take between one to two years to complete. After which, you would be able to introduce vibrant colors into the scarred design.

Branding, much like scarrification is the removal of skin, allowing scars to form. However, the skin is burned away in designs allowing for a much darker hue of scar. This is by far one of the more painful body modifications, and should not be attempted by the faint of heart.

Implants consist of beads, Teflon that is cut into the size and shape of the design, and spikes for the head. They are surgically placed under the skin to allow for a raised design, or in the case of the spikes a “horned” effect.

Tongue splitting is the separation of the tongue into two halves. This procedure should be done by a certified surgeon. There are four ways that it is preformed, firstly the tie-off where the split is compressed with increasingly tight loops of thread, this process is preformed over a period of days or week. Scalpelled splits are preformed by using a scalpel, or other blade, it is usually followed up by using a cautery tool to control the bleeding. The cautery tool may also be used to preform the cut itself. Your surgeon can also use a surgical laser split the tongue in half, in a relatively bloodless split.

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