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Symbolism and tattoos
Feather symbolism tattoo

When looking for the meaning behind a specific tattoo design, make sure to cross reference. The meanings for some symbols have a wealth of information, however many will contradict one another. If you are unsure of the meaning, it is always wise to speak with your tattoo artist, or a friend and family member to help you gain the meaning.

There are some cases, in where things such as kanji are mis-interpreted, so prior to receiving your tattoo it is a good idea to research the meaning. Another common mistake, is the misspelling of words in foreign languages, you as a client should proof-read your tattoo after the stencil has been placed, as it will be difficult, or nearly impossible to correct it after the tattoo has been completed.

As you explore information on the internet, or through books you might find that the specific meaning consensus doesn’t meet your particular values. You will need to consider to yourself if the association to which you are going for is an obvious choice. (IE: you want to get a flower tattoo and the meanings of them is something you would not care for) Relax, chances are that a passer by will not know the common meaning behind it, and you are able to proceed with the tattoo if it is your favorite flower. Most of the symbolism behind flowers, and figures are for entertainment purpose on the internet, however if the meaning behind the tattoo is important, think about what it means to you.

One of the most common symbols in tattoos, revolve around religious or spiritual meanings. It is again important to research any symbol you put on your body. The last thing anyone really wants is a tattoo of which contradicts your own beliefs. If you are finding it difficult to locate a tattoo or a symbol which will accommodate your needs, discuss it with your artist as he/she should be able to produce a relevant tattoo

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