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If you are deciding whether or not to get a surface piercing, there are a few things to consider.
Firstly, is it worth the time and money? Why are you doing it? Much like suspension, surface piercing is not a permanent form of body modification. Though, with any form of piercing it can become permanent through surgical implantation. Just like plastic surgery, you will need to find a qualified surgeon to preform the implantation.

One of the major reasons surface piercing doesn’t last long, is your body would rather reject the piercing like any other foreign body. Most of the time, when you preform a surface piercing your body pushes them out much like it would a splinter. The tissue above the jewelry will begin to die, and slough off, and the object then falls out. Often times, this will leave a pretty bad scar.

Other ways to make a surface piercing last a little longer, is to do as little damage as possible. You will need to find a knowledgeable piercer to preform this for you. If you minimize the body’s immune response you can slow down the rejection process buying you a little more time with your new piercing.

There are many things that can contribute to the acceleration of demise to the surface piercing. Such as, the jewelry exerting too much leverage on the skin above. It will begin to put strain on the tissue, and create a lack of blood flow. The process of piercing itself damages tissue, and will weaken it. It will at that point que the rejection process, and can possibly cause an allergic response to the jewelry and irritate the surrounding tissue to cause the rejection to be triggered.

Motion in the area being pierced can also damage the skin further (IE: If the piercer were to place the piercing around joints, or your back , anything that will twist, stretch, or cause the compression of the skin around the piercing. Along with motion, impact upon the piercing can damage the piercing (IE: a place that will be regularly bumped, or rubbed upon). Through the process of healing the sloughing tissue is replaced by new tissue cells.

Selecting the correct jewelry will minimize pressure on the tissue. The jewelry will need to be a straight bar, with two vertical ends which protrude from the piercing. It will need to be inserted in a safe, and constant depth. Try to stay away from banana (curved) barbells, or nylon bars. These types of jewelry may heal alright in some people, but for most it is unsuccessful and the jewelry will be rejected quickly.

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