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Stencils and Transfers
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Whether you are an artist, or a client it is a consensus that it is important to get the design of the tattoo right. When mistakes are made, they are permanent and may potentially demolish a credible artist’s reputation. What can you do about this? By making sure to use a transfer in one form or another, will help to ease the client’s mind and gives them the opportunity to give you the go-ahead.

Often enough, tattoo artists will use thermal, or stencil paper to create their transfers. Most tattoo stencil papers prove to be a very useful tool in a tattoo shop. There are, of course a couple different types of stencil paper, the design is either printed or drawn onto the paper using a transferable ink or pencil. The paper is then pressed onto the skin, and depending on the artist will be transferred using either anti-persperent (which should be a one-time use as using it repeatedly can cause cross-contamination from client to client) or another choice applicator.

As an artist, it is easy to make the mistake of saying you do not need a transfer, as freehand tattooing tends to lend itself over to mistakes more easily. While some masters in the profession may be able to create a fluid beautiful tattoo from drawing on the skin prior to tattooing, it is not for everyone. Using a transfer not only helps you avoid mistakes, but allows the client to verify that the design is in the correct placement, and that it is indeed for them.

You can purchase stencil paper either from a local tattoo supply store, online, or possibly from another shop. I would suggest trying a couple different brands, and types of transfers so that you can find the one that would best suit your needs as an artist.


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