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Smoking in a Tattoo Shop
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Smoking inside tattoo studios is often a divided subject between people, while some people think it is safe, others think it to be a tainting thing. I myself, as a smoker and a tattoo artist still side with the safer of the two decisions. Cigarette smoke can travel, and permeate all porous materials around it leaving things unsterile.

In most successful tattoo studios, a comment normally overheard is how clean it is. Many people are awed to discover that most tattoo studios aren’t the dark, dank, dirty places of the past. Some lucky studios have even been compared to the cleanliness of doctors offices. Now, with that in mind, how would you, yourself feel strolling into a doctors office for your annual check up, or an emergency visit to be met with a wafting cloud of smoke, and yellow walls?

Most artists take pride in the cleanliness and sterility of their shops today. In most places, there is a strict adherence of health codes, and meticulous autoclaving, bagging, sterilizing and proper disposal of all hazardous waist. However, all that hard work would then be nullified by a cloud of smoke hovering over your now unsterile work area.

Even in designated smoking areas inside the shop, second hand smoke can effect the tattoo. Some of the chemicals that are found in cigarette smoke are thus absorbed by the new wound (tattoo). So, why risk it? You have put hard work, and elbow grease into protecting yourself, and your clients from cross contamination and blood born pathogens, help protect the clients you serve that may not indulge themselves in the chemicals in cigarettes.

If you are worried about the weather, and not being able to cater to those who may smoke, cover an area outside of the shop, supply space heaters this will allow the smokers to smoke in relative comfort, while aiding in the sterility of your shop.

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