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Risks of Tattooing
Tattoo and piercing hazards

Although Tattoos, and permanent makeup can be found in most cultures, there are some problems that some people may run into. However, most people do not develop any problems associated with tattoos some may arise in a select few.

The tattooing process is preformed by creating a series of puncture wounds in the skin, the needles then transfer the pigmentation. At first, the tattoo may appear swollen and have a scale like texture while healing. Do not be frightened at the presence of trace amounts of blood, whether it be clear, light yellow, or blood-tinged fluid as this is normal for the first several days of a tattoos life.

Many of the problems can arise would be infection at the site of the tattoo, contact dermatitis, or an allergic reaction (which was covered in previous articles). Many people may also experience heavy scarring, which can include keloid scarring.

The spread of infectious disease, however controlled in most professional shops is still a concern for all clients. The most common diseases which are transferred via cross-contamination are Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, tuberculosis, tetanus, and HIV. Most of which can be prevented by thoroughly researching the shop you are wishing to preform the tattoo.

The effects, and warning signs of diseases which may be spread via-tattooing will be further discussed in future articles, it is imperative that you arm yourself, and clients with the knowledge that will keep them, and yourself as an artist, or shop owner safe.

Tattooing whether it be cosmetic or not, is and should always be considered a permanent and life altering decision. I cannot stress enough, do not go into the tattooing process thinking of removal, not only is the cost heavy on the wallet, but the risk of scarring and mutilating ones self is an endless cycle.

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