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Preventing the effects of the sun on tattoostattoo care

Although most who will spend hours under the painful buzzing of a tattoo machine, and thousands of dollars will be wary of things that can damage a tattoo, many people aren’t aware of the risks. There are quite a few things that can be a possible danger to your ink, from the sun, scratches, bumps, im-proper healing, and sometimes even dermatology issues.

The sun by far is the most detrimental to the vibrant colors in a tattoo, the naivete of the common belief is that it will take years to effect the tattoo. When, in reality it can take only a matter of a couple hours to cause irreversible damage to your tattoo. Yes, there is always the option of getting the tattoo touched up, however it never comes out quite the same as it was when it was first done.

You can take care when you are out in the sun, making sure your tattoos are covered by either a shirt in full, or a sun screen with a minimum SPF of 30. Taking these steps will considerably lower your risk of damaging the design on your body. However, if you are one of those who loves a sun-kissed look, even at the expense of your tattoo please consider the alternatives. There are always options out there.

Such things as the new fad in tanning, the mystic tan: a spray on tan, which is preformed with the client standing upright in a booth. It will, of course take a couple times to achieve your desired look. This, while it will not harm the tattoo may fade it temporarily, as the tanner will take over some of the vibrant color.

Along the same lines, you may use any toners , or tanning lotions of which you can find in any supermarket around home. These, however can turn into an orange based tan, rather than the so desired sun-kissed look.

The consequences of your actions not only effect your tattoo, it will effect you as well. If you want a tan, and do not wish to cover up, or take steps to protect your tattoo, you will have to live with what damage you do to your ink. You should, of course, as with any other tattoo take the time to think about the effect on your life, are you willing to put forth the effort it will take to keep your tattoo in the proper state?

Preventing the effects of the sun on tattoos preventingtheeffectsofthesunontattoos
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