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Pregnancy and Tattoos
Pigment fading with tattoos

Have you caught yourself thinking of paying homage to the special time in your life, while pregnant? While most artists wouldn’t even think of touching a pregnant woman with a ten foot needle, it is also the responsibility of the mother to think things through.

If you are able to find an artist willing to work on you in your condition, stop to speak with your doctor. There are always risks such as contracting an infection, or disease that could cause severe problems during the pregnancy.

After speaking with your doctor, and you are ready to push forward full steam ahead take the time to research the facility you are visiting. You will need to make sure that your local shop follows the basic guidelines such as:

Are they a registered practitioner, or licenced in your state (if applicable in your state)?

Do they wear gloves, and change them frequently throughout the tattooing process?

Does the shop own, and know how to properly run an autoclave (see previous articles for the importance of the autoclave, to provide a safe and sterile environment).

The floors, and all surfaces should be clean to the eye, there should be no dust, clutter, or dried ink on any surfaces.

Verify that all needles are new, and packaged separately.

While pregnant, you should request single serve inks, as to decrease the risk of cross-contamination.

You should also speak with your artist, verify that they would be willing to be contacted for the first twenty four hours of the tattoo’s life in case you have any problems. Again, speak with your doctor prior to receiving the tattoo.

As tattoo ink isn’t regulated by the FDA, it becomes a much harder task to get the information on the ink’s contents. It is possible that the chemicals used in the pigments will have an adverse effect on the development of the unborn child during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy.

Also, an afterthought for any mothers who are nursing their child. Although the risk of contracting an infection is small it is still possible to pass the infection to your child. Ultimately it is your decision, however it may be wise to wait through the pregnancy and breast feeding before getting a tattoo.


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