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The negative aspects of body modificationPiercing supplies

There are positive aspects to tattoos, and other body modifications, but is important to recognize the negative aspects a well. Although becoming more socially acceptable, many people are still repelled by tattooing and piercings more-so in America than some other societies.

Some of the cultures covered in past articles, body modification signifies a certain attainment such as, marital status, or becoming an adult. However, in western societies it is more common to accept earrings, and makeup in public presentability.

It is important while deciding on participating in body modification, to realize the possible reactions. A good portion of the work force are still of an older generation, of whom do not understand the act of body modification. You in turn may be fired from, or denied work in certain companies, or asked to remove them.

Placement is key if you are worried about the public eye, if you do not wish to be looked down upon you should consider getting on a tattoo where your every-day clothes will cover.

Such places that would be hidden well would be : Mid to lower back, upper legs, stomach, and upper shoulders (if you do not wear strapless, or tank tops). Piercings, unlike tattoos can be removed for work, you may also find that company regulations will permit a clear retainer in certain piercings (tongues, nostril).

Getting a tattoo should not be done simply to “spite” society, it should be a practice of belief. It should be something that has meaning in your life. Getting offensive words, or nudity tattooed also tends to get a grim report card from society. Keeping things on a more “family friendly” tone will help to ease the public scrutiny.

Even when taking precautions so as to not upset, or offend another will be met with resistance in some circumstances. If someone is dead-set on being against body modifications they will be, it is up to you to accept the scrutiny in a polite, and graceful manner. It will be only a matter of time before body modification will be in the majority accepted.

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