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Henna tattoos

Henna tattoos are nature’s way of decorating your body. Henna tattoo artists use a natural henna ink which is made from powder from the leaves of the henna plant. They make a paste with the henna powder and paint a henna tattoo anywhere on your body.

The tradition of henna tattooing, also called mendhi, has been practiced for millions of years. They have found henna art traces as far as back as the tombs of pharaoh’s day. Henna tattoo art is still a popular tradition today.

Before applying henna ink to your skin, make sure to test a small amount on your body and check for allergic reactions. Henna tattoos rarely cause reactions in people, but its important to make sure. Once you know the henna ink will not cause a bad reaction, you or your henna tattoo artist can begin the work of art on your skin.

The sky is the limit with the patterns and images of henna tattoos, but the colors are usually limited to dark shades of red, green, brown, or black. This also depends on how your skin reacts since every skin tone will take the henna tattoo ink a little differently.

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