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FAQ Introduction
Why are tattoos expensive

In this series of articles, you will be able to read about several things ranging from the sun’s harsh rays, all the way to epidurals, and MRI effects on tattoos. Although this is simply a common Q and A series, you can learn several things about the tattooing process with quick answers to every day questions asked by clients. Anything covered in this article is meant simply to inform, and not to replace a conference with your tattoo artist, or medical treatment.
Since most of these answers aren’t completely in depth, I would suggest reading any other available information covered in prior or future articles on this site. As a client, it is your responsibility to become familiar with the tattooing process, to aid in a problem free tattoo session. If you are looking for Q and A on piercing, you may also find it in the table of contents on this site, as both are very different you should educate yourself on both prior to partaking in the world of body modification.

Also, it is important to communicate with your artist, if you have any known allergies, blood born illnesses, are pregnant or nursing. As many of these things can, and will affect your tattoo, tattoo artist, and possibly your health. Why is pregnancy listed? Well, its simple you not only put yourself at risk for blood born illness, but your unborn child as well. If you do find an artist willing to work on you while you are pregnant, please consider the alternative forms of semi-permanent body alteration such as airbrush tattoos, or temporary tattoos.

If you suffer from any reactions to tattoos, please do not use this advice alone. These articles , once again are simply for information basis only. You should contact your physician, or reputable tattoo artist immediately at the first sign of infection, or allergic reaction so that you may get the proper treatment.

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