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FAQ Conclusion
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In the conclusion of common questions asked by clients series, you will learn what not to do prior to your tattoo. We will also answer some questions on exposure, sterilization, and differences of skin color with the pigment of tattoos. Remember, these articles aren’t meant as a substitute to a consultation with your tattoo artist, or local physician. If you would like to learn more about tattoos, and the tattooing process feel free to look over any previous, or future articles contained on this site.

1. What are some things I shouldn’t drink before getting a tattoo?

Well, this answer is really common sense. Most artists, including myself recommend that you steer clear of alcoholic beverages. However, one thing most client’s don’t know is that we also suggest avoiding anything with caffeine, such as coffee, sodas, or green tea prior and during the tattooing process. Why, you might ask. Well, this is a rather simple answer. Caffeine, and alcohol can cause your blood to become thinned, thus causing heavier bleeding. The more you bleed, the more difficult it is for your artist to work and the healing process becomes more difficult as well. Heavy bleeding may lead to more scabbing, and rejection of pigment.

2. Is it okay to soak in a hot bath, or water after getting a tattoo?

Generally, we ask that you not soak in the tub. A hot shower after the tattoo is fine, as it is minimal contact with the healing area. You should avoid all together spas and saunas, as well as hot tubs and pools for at least ten days after having your tattoo done. If you are one of those finicky people, who must take a bath rather than a shower, minimize the time you are in the bath and try not to submerge your new tattoo.

3.Does it hurt to get a tattoo?

Depending on your tolerance to pain, yes it does hurt. There is a note of wisdom in the phrase you earn your tattoo. Remember also, that the more you relax the less it will hurt. Tight muscles, can cause it to become more painful.

4. How do they sterilize their equipment?

Most tattoo artists will use autoclave sterilization. This means of sterilization utilizes steam which is under pressure to render equipment sterile.

5. How will a tattoo look on my dark complexion?

Tattoo is a rather forgiving art, it can be created on virtually any skin tone. However, the darker the skin tone generally the duller colors will appear, while certain colors will stand out better on a darker skin color. This will also depend on the pigment your artist chooses to use on you, please inquire with your artist prior to getting a tattoo.

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