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In this continuation of tattoo artist Q and A you will learn about a few tricks of the trade, remember this set of articles is in no way to replace a professional apprenticeship, and meant only to inform artists on the common questions posed by artists, and enthusiast alike.

28. What should I do if my machine isn’t working properly?

Well, like in previous articles on this site has said it is always good to keep backups on hand. I know, I know that is expensive on overhead costs. But, look at it this way before trying to justify why not to purchase several machines. Next time a machine goes awall, you will be able to complete the tattoo you are either working on then, or one that is scheduled soon after the machine breaking. A shop without backup machines, is a shop without business whenever a machine breaks you are costing the shop vital income. Also, keep on hand some parts for your machine, which will make the job that much easier. You will spend less time in the long run waiting around for parts to show up at the door step, if you keep extras on hand (springs, coils, wraps, etc etc.)

29. What is a complementary color for brown?

Well, technically brown doesn’t have a complimentary color. Brown is not a pure color, so your best bet would be to take a look at the shade of brown you are considering, and the colors surrounding it. Whatever it is closest to it, and has the most contrast is going to be the best choice.

30. What should I do if I am partially color blind?

This is by far one of the hardest thing facing some of the tattoo artists out there, as they aren’t able to see the vibrancy that you and I might. However, one of the key things to remember is, is that colors look different to everyone, while red may be bright and vibrant to me, it may not be to you. The easiest way to get around this hurdle is to compare notes with some fellow artists, a friend, or a loved one. Do a google search on some artwork, and print out a few that you find beautiful and interesting, ask another person to write down what they think. If you still have some problems working with color, I would suggest speaking with your mentor or your local physician what they would do to help create a positive working environment for you. Remember also, that being color blind isn’t a bad thing it is the means to create new, and vibrant images that no one could have fathomed before.

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