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In this continuation of tattoo artist Q and A you will learn about a few tricks of the trade, remember this set of articles is in no way to replace a professional apprenticeship, and meant only to inform artists on the common questions posed by artists, and enthusiast alike.

17. Is there any way to help my client through the more sensitive areas?

Good question, not only are some areas on the body super sensitive (such as the joint areas, armpits, neck, feet, and hands) but they are generally more tricky to tattoo for the artist. One of the best ways to do this, is to complete the tattoo in sessions. I would suggest completing the outline first (that’s generally self explanatory), and then in the second session tackle the color and shading. Or, in some cases your client may ask you to just get it over with, in which case if you are known to be a quick artist use your skill to complete the area quickly, and then move on to less sensitive areas secondly. Make sure that you don’t chew these sensitive areas up too hard, as It may result in excess scabbing and discomfort for the client. Remember, you should work the machine in clean overlapping ovals. Remember to use a small layer of petroleum on the area you are working on, and about to work on. This will allow for ease of cleaning up the excess pigment, without having to scrub at the already sensitive skin. After finishing the sensitive areas, and moving on make sure to layer on a good amount of petroleum jelly to aid the clean up after the job is finished.

18. How can I get my white pigment as vibrant as the rest?

Well, since white isn’t technically a color, but a neutral colorless pigment it can be rather hard to work with. It is generally translucent, with just a touch of opacity to lighten the skin a shade or two lighter. Remember, when working with white pigment, even the tiniest bit of residual pigment in the tube can taint its delicate translucency, and will become visibly stained. If you place tainted white into the skin, even at a later session when going in for touch ups, the highlights will become muted. To help prevent this, there are only a couple means to do so. You can either go the easy way, and use a fresh tube, or like most artists, when you are ready to work with the white you will need to rinse the tube thoroughly in a clean cup of water. After rinsing, you will need to continue to blot the pigment out onto a paper towel until it is perfectly clean. This process shouldn’t be used simply for white, it should be used any time you are going from a dark color, to a much lighter color (IE: if you just finished up with blues, and now have to transfer to a yellow or orange pigment).

19. What is the best ink to water ratio for grey wash?

While that is a good question, unfortunately there is no one right answer. It would all depend on the look you are going for in each tattoo. Just remember, the more water you add, the lighter the wash. Grey wash generally looks the best if you use a full range of contrast (from solid black, dark greys, to light greys that are nearly translucent)

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