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In this continuation of tattoo artist Q and A you will learn about a few tricks of the trade, remember this set of articles is in no way to replace a professional apprenticeship, and meant only to inform artists on the common questions posed by artists, and enthusiast alike.

14. Why do they suggest not to use a long taper point needle?

Most artists can attest to the fact that the regular point needles (one that is blunter, and has a ridge where the point ends) have a better pushing quality that the taper point does not. Of course, the blunter point will require slightly more power, and an increase in spring tension (this should only be so if your tension is already very light).The increase in the power is what makes these needles more effective for ink-pushing. Another way to take it another step further is to use carbon tipped needles. Although the long tapered point has a reputation for cutting, neither needle type is really more prone to cutting than the other. It would generally depend more on the grouping of needles, and whether it is tight or a loose fitting. Remember, if you are going to try different things, practice makes perfect.

15. Is there a reason that the tattoos I have preformed fade shortly after the tattoo has healed?

Although this is a good question, it is often hard to pinpoint an answer without understanding exactly what you are doing. Many factors may very well be working together to cause this reaction, anything from machines, needles, pigments, all the way to your hand movements during the tattooing process. Remember, that it is important that you set your machine up properly each time you tattoo, and change the needles or machines. Make sure that the tube fits the width of the mag snugly, but not binding as this can hinder the rotation of the needles. Remember, that even though most people think that the more needles there are in a group, the more ink goes in. While that’s a romantic notion, it isn’t always the case. When the needles are packed in like sardines into cans, the pigment isn’t soaked up properly. Try using spread mags, instead of stacked. One of the benefits of a spread mag is definitely the control aspect, again with everything else practice makes perfect. Try not to chew up your client’s skin, it not only hurts more, but will effect the healing process later and give you, and possibly your shop a bad name.

16. What is the best way to heal a tattoo?

Generally speaking, like most wounds the less you do to it the better it heals. Most clients feel inclined to smother their new tattoo in ointment. Generally this create a problem in of itself. This in of itself will draw out the color, and creates a tacky place for foreign matter to rest. This, in many faces negates the reasons for slathering that ointments. I would suggest only a one to two day regiment of a THIN layer of either H2Ocean, or tattoo goo. One good way to know if you are laying it on a little too thick, is if your clothing sticks to the area. If it sticks, its too much. Only use a pea sized drop for a medium tattoo.

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