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Will my tattoo fade

In this continuation of tattoo artist Q and A you will learn about a few tricks of the trade, remember this set of articles is in no way to replace a professional apprenticeship, and meant only to inform artists on the common questions posed by artists, and enthusiast alike.

10. What tattoo inks would you suggest? I’m looking to switch brands.

As in previous articles, I would suggest either the new Kuro Sumi colors and lining inks, or Intenz brand inks. They tend to go in, and stay in vibrant for years to come. However, several tattoo artists have found success using inks like Unique, and Talenz tattoo ink. Also, despite the warning labels several tattoo artists choose to use Starbrite inks still as well, since they do tend to be one of the more vibrant tattoo inks. It is hard to vouch for the longevity of an ink brand, without investing the time in watching a tattoo through the years.

11. Can you use a mag or flat to produce extra wide line work? Also, what is the best way to use a mag?

Yes, your mags are a very versatile tool in the tattooing process. It can do nearly everything, including making wide line work. Generally experience is key with using a mag. It is hard to explain exactly how to use the mag through words, it is simply better to use your best judgment and allow your mentor to train you properly.

12. Should I cut my pigments before using them?

I myself normally leave my colors uncut, the thick creamy consistency lends itself well to the tattooing process. It often times makes it easier to work with, allowing the artist to simply dip and go rather than worrying about the constant spittle from thinned ink.

13. Is the width of a nickle too large for my needle depth?

In some cases, this is just the right needle depth. However a lot of artists will increase this depth of the needle to aid in visibility. This generally allows for a cleaner work surface throughout the tattooing process. Remember, you will need the machine to run softly, and good enough that the stretching fingers feel the penetration of the needle. You normally will get the right amount of penetration before the needle returns to the tube.

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