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In this section, we will cover general questions asked by clients after the tattooing process. Remember, even if you are a self tattoo artist please keep in mind your own safety. We do not in any way condone the means of self tattooing, however if you do decide to do so we implore you to do it in the proper manner. Below, are the answers to the questions on tattoo aftercare.

1. Can I go tanning after I’ve gotten a tattoo?

You can, but beware of the sunlight’s harmful rays. Sunlight, and tanning beds are generally an foe of your new tattoo. Whether it is still within the healing process, newly healed, or ten years old. Stay out of the sun while the healing is taking place, and afterward use plenty of high SPF sun block any time after. If you still chance it, be aware that your now vibrant tattoo will soon fade down to nearly nothing, and in some cases spread into an awful mess.

2. Sometimes my tattoo feels itchy or like its burning, is this normal?

Yes this is normal, many people who have had their tattoo for years can attest to the fact that when the weather gets warm, their tattoo will become itchy or feel as if it is burning. Remember, that this is due to the heat and possible humidity, which will make the tattoo swell. Use cool, clean water to cleanse the area. This will aid in dropping the temperature in the general area and reduce the itching.
However, on a more serious note sometimes allergic reactions to the pigments used to create ink may cause discomfort or pain. Most people will have an immediate reaction, however this isn’t always the case. Remember, if you experience these problems please have it diagnosed by a licensed physician, they may instruct you to get the tattoo removed, or may have a solution such as a topical cream. Remember, you must always advise your tattoo artist of any allergies.
Lastly, if you have had an MRI, many people have complained about discomfort around their tattoos. It can be treated generally with a cold compress. This is due to the metal particles within the ink. Generally the reaction to an MRI is mild.


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