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In this sister article to piercing Q and A, we will discuss common questions clients may have about the tattooing process, and once again will go over questions aimed toward do it yourself tattoo artists. We do not condone the do it yourself behavior, however if you choose to partake in this risky behavior I implore you to do it safely. In this section we will cover the general questions often heard prior or during the tattooing process.

4. Will a tattoo artist tattoo my hands, feet or face?

Well, on the issue of your face, I would suggest otherwise, as it will more than likely effect any future job prospects. It is definitely one of those placements that requires years of thought before stepping in head first (no pun intended). Your hands and feet, although a bit more discreet may still limit your jobs. Many tattoo artists still refuse to tattoo much lower than the wrists, and ankles, and higher than the nape of someone’s neck. Remember, it may take a while for you to find a reputable tattoo artist that will preform these tattoos. Do not settle for mediocre work when it comes to a lifetime. Remember, most tattoo inks today aren’t easily removed, and your chances of scarring increases dramatically.

5. Does my artist prefer tattooist or tattoo artist?

Well, there is a small difference between them. In most cases, a tattooist is someone who preforms the tattoo, and does not design the tattoos themselves (also known as a flash artist) While, a tattoo artist is generally someone who creates their own designs for the customer (custom tattoos) as well as the flash work. However, generally the meaning loses face and can be interchangeably used.

6. Why isn’t permanent makeup and cosmetic tattooing the same thing as traditional tattooing?

Well, firstly cosmetic a.k.a. permanent makeup deals mostly with eyebrows, eyeliner, and lip color to enhance the look of makeup. As it has become more and more popular, more people have questions on why it isn’t considered just normal tattooing. Well, to answer that generally when applying the permanent makeup, a fine needle is used as opposed to the multiple stacked needles of traditional tattooing. Also, cosmetic pigments tend to be slightly less permanent and may fade to different colors than the originally placed pigment. Generally, a permanent makeup artist will use a topical anesthetic to reduce the discomfort of the client, while traditional tattoo clients must earn their tattoos.

7. Is there such a thing as semi-permanent tattoos?

Simply put, no. If you go into a tattoo with this attitude, it is not for you. As of right now, there is no such thing as semi permanent tattoo pigments, period. Remember, laser treatments are expensive and will take numerous visits to even dull the tattoo.

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