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Common mistakes made by artists & clientsTattoo machine

There are many common mistakes made by both tattoo artist, and clients alike. The most common by far being rushing into a tattoo. Most clients have no idea of what they want, a good tattoo artist should be able to recognize the body language of a client. However, there is a good portion of tattoo artists just in it for the money.

Some things tattoo artist should look for are:

* is your client in the right frame of mind to make this life altering decision? No one under the influence should be tattooed under any circumstance. Not only will they more than likely to regret their decisions later, but there are many problems that can arise from the situation. If someone has been drinking, or using illegal drugs prior to tattooing there is an increased risk of bleeding, seizure, and dehydration. The tattoo also has a higher likelihood of scabbing, and becoming spotted through the healing process.

* are you sure they are of legal age of tattooing in your state? Most states have enforced a stricter policy on tattooing minors. But, that doesn’t stop all tattoo artists from working on them. Check with your local laws on this situation, most states require at least one parent, or legal guardian signature to proceed with the work. Learn how to read ID’s, there has been a rising number of counterfeit ID’s in the states over the past few years. There are many tail-tell signs that you can look for.

  • The person appears nervous, or clearly underage
  • The document is of poor quality
  • The document is not issued by the government
  • The document is from out of state

Most fake ID’s are out of state, they will try to take advantage of your lack of knowledge of the ID. Borrowed ID’s are often times the hardest to detect, simply because it is a valid document. Make sure the height, and eye color match the person. If the person clearly doesn’t look like the picture on the ID it is not their ID.

Modified ID’s are usually the easiest to detect, they will usually take a real ID and modify either the identification, or the age. Run a finger across the top surface, it should be smooth and un-interrupted. A bump around the name, age, or picture can indicate tampering. You can also slide your fingernail around the side to see if the laminate separates. You should also look for any pinholes that might indicate someone attempted to bleach out portions.

It is imperative to the success of your business to check ID’s and check them well. One mess up can not only cost you thousands of dollars in attorney fees, but you may loose your business licence for catering to minors.

* Do they keep saying they can just have it “removed”? If they do, take the time to inform them that most tattoo removals are more expensive than the original tattoo. It can take up to six times to fade a tattoo, and not all of them are successes. Most people who opt to get tattoo removal end up with scars that look worse than the tattoo itself.

* Are they getting a name tattooed? Ask who’s name it is (Be polite!), chances are it will be a boyfriend or girlfriend’s name. If it is, make sure they understand that this is permanent. Children’s names, family member’s names, and spouses names generally aren’t going to make the client regret their decision later.

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