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Cheap tattoo ink

As a tattoo artist, you go through a lot of supplies. One of these supplies is tattoo ink. For tattoo artists of all experience levels, tattoo ink is the lifeblood of your business or hobby, obviously. If tattoo ink is starting to break your budget, then read on for tips on finding cheap tattoo ink.

The best place to look for cheap tattoo ink is online. You may already know that this is an option, and it can be a very affordable one. The reason tattoo ink is often so cheap on the internet is because of the amount of inventory an online store can move. Big internet tattoo supply stores are like Walmart, they offer good prices because they can sell so much. Check out or

A great place to look for cheap tattoo ink is Multiple sellers on Ebay give you the option of purchasing almost any brand and color of tattoo ink at a discounted price. And you can purchase the ink in “lots”, or groups, making the price even lower for you. The only word of caution regarding purchasing tattoo ink on Ebay is that you make sure you know your stuff. Purchasing ink from online or retail stores gives you a more experienced seller in most cases. But if you know what you’re looking for and don’t need help, Ebay is a great option for you.

Another great option for purchasing cheap tattoo ink is to use shopping websites. Websites such as and are not just for shoes and handbags. When you use these websites, you can compare prices of tattoo ink from multiple companies. In addition, these websites will often offer prices from sellers on Ebay and Amazon to give you multiple options.

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