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Body piercing supplies

Beginning with the piercing guns, we supply the most tried and true tools in the business. Our needles, forceps, and ring closing pliers are made with high quality steel and are guaranteed for life. The barbells, rings, earrings, o-rings, and spikes come in many shapes, colors, and sizes. Your selection body piercing supplies is endless when you shop here so you can provide your customer with unlimited piercing options.

When shopping for body piercing supplies, you need to consider the gauge, size, and color needs of your body piercing customers. After you been in the piercing business for a few months, you will begin to know what type of body piercing equipment you will need to carry.

For example, some salons sell a lot of belly piercing jewelry to women piercers so they would want to carry a more feminine line of body piercing materials and supplies. Other shops get more male customers looking for a piercing with a spike or barbell or something more masculine.

Whatever types of piercing you do the most of will determine how heavily you will stock that section of your body piercing jewelry supply. One section of your piercing supply that will always need to be fully stocked is the cleaning and pain relief areas. Body piercing customers will always want their piercing experience to be as pleasant and painless as possible so it’s up to you as a body piercing salon and supplier to provide that type of piercing experience.

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