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This is a brief guide to the supplies that you will need to preform proper, and sterile piercing.

Autoclave: By far one of the most important items in piercing. The autoclave provides a way for the needles and clamps to be sterilized. Autoclaves are a device that exposes items to steam at high pressure in order to decontaminate the materials and render them sterile. All of the items will need to be wrapped individually and un-wrapped in front of the client.

Needles: A piercing needle is a hollow needle, specifically designed to cut a round, or oval hole through the skin. This provides a subsequent passage for the jewelry.

Slotted navel clamp: The clamp provides a way of stretching the skin, allowing the piercer easier access to the area to be pierced.

Forceps: This instrument is used for grasping, and holding the skin out from the body to allow ease of piercing.

H2Ocean: Is a cleaning solution, used in the sterilization of the surrounding area of the piercing, it is also used in the after-care of the new piercing.

Ring closing pliers: These are used on captive rings, it can be difficult to close the rings on the tiny ball. This item will aid in your piercing. You can find them in large, medium, and small sizes.

Ring opener: Much like the closing of captive rings, it can be difficult to open them the first time they are removed from the sterile pouch. These will aid in opening the captives.

Receiving cork: The cork will help prevent cross-contamination from your client, to you. Placing the cork on the opposite side of the piercing, it will receive the tip of the needle allowing it to be safely handled by the piercer.

Septum forceps: These are forceps specifically designed to aid in nose piercing. It guides the needle away from the skin that is not to be pierced.

H2Ocean Mouthwash: This item is to be used prior to oral piercing, and throughout the healing process.

Jewelry: Of course, this is one of the most important items on a piercers list. It is important to stock a variety of jewelry for your clients to choose from. Chances are, if their experience has been a good one, they will return to get more jewelry and piercing from you at a later date.

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